Villagio Cane Corsos is a quality breeder of the Cane Corso pronounced "Connie Corso" located in Southern California. Several times per year we do have Cane Corso puppies available in the Southern California area. We strive to produce the healthiest, balanced, even temperamented puppies all in one package. Although we do not specialize in color we do have the bloodlines to produce all colors including, brindle, chestnut, solid black, fawn, red and blue cane corso puppies. Our dogs are well socialized and are great with kids and families.

Our breeding stock is registered with the ICCF and hip tested. Our bloodlines include some of the best American and Italian bloodlines including: Cerberus, Scandifio, Bel Monte, Dei Dauni and Vignola dei Conti. Many breeders will tell you that they have "Champion Bloodlines" however most of the dogs in our program are direct offspring of actual Champion and Champion reproducers.

Before you consider who has the cheapest or the most winning dog, think about the entire package. Consider a breeder who is ethical and will stand behind their dogs. A dog is more than just size, color or even hips. It's a family member will be willing to die to protect you and your loved ones for the next 10 years. If you have any questions about our dogs or our program please give us a call.











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